EC Boat 2022, Helsingor, Denmark

EC Boat 2022 August 8th to August 12th.

Dear EFSA family and friends,

Welcome to the historic city of Helsingør, known as Elsinore in English, and this year’s 2022 European Boat Championships. Helsingør, so named because it means the ‘narrow strait’ of the Øresund (Ore Sound) between Helsingør and Helsingborg in Sweden just two miles away, has a rich and lengthy maritime history. King Valdemar the Victorious mentions the seafarers of Helsinger in 1231 in an early population census and the City of Helsingør itself was founded in the 1420’s by the Danish King, Eric of Pomerania, who himself professed a great love of fishing. King Eric imposed a toll on all shipping passing through this narrow strait in the 1429 which generated two thirds of Denmark’s state income and resulted in the building of the famous Krogen Castle in 1428, renamed after its expansion in the 1580’s to Kronborg Castle.

The Ore Sound is rich with fish of many different species with good marks just 5 to 20 minutes from the port. This year’s event, fished on the drift, will be a delight for the light tackle enthusiasts and this event will be a real test of careful tackle preparation and concentration where up to 80 fish in one day can be achieved by the focused competitor.

The boats themselves offer a fascinating insight into Denmark’s maritime past with stout wooden vessels built in the 1940’s and built to last. These boats come from a working background of commercial fishing or large ship support and have now been converted into spacious charter boats for the angler to enjoy.

Kronborg Castle is reputed to be the setting for William Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet in which the confused hero poses that famous question: ‘To Fish or Not to Fish….That is the Question’. Hamlet did not know the answer to his question but fortunately we in the great EFSA family do…and it is: ‘To Fish’! With this answer in mind and with the blessing of Han, who stands proud in the centre of the Helsingor harbour basin as a polished steel sculpture, I wish you all good fortune over the coming days of competition and hope you make your own successful mark in the History of EFSA.

Tight Lines to all of you

Horst Schneider/Markus Wüst

Ex-President/President/Chairman EFSA Europe

Welcome to Denmark 2022.

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all the EFSA members again to Denmark in 2022 for the European Boat championships. I hope you will have some very gooood days with us and we will do our best to take care of you. I hope that you have some good fishing in the Øresund and enjoy the sea-side view of Kronborg Castle. I´ll be present during the Championship and you can always ask me and I´ll help. I wish you all a good and fair fishing.


Allan Riboe,  President DHF



Hello all EFSA-members,

We invite you to participate in the European Championships Boat 2022 from Elsinore.

There are many species of fish in the Øresund, the sea-straight between Helsingør and Helsingborg, at least 30 different species can be caught, best catches between 12 to 17 species/day. There have been spotted TUNA jumping out of the water in the Øresund during the last 4 years. Tuna is a protected species in Denmark and may not be brought in.

Unfortunately during the last years cod has become a restricted fish to catch, there is bag limit on cod, only 1 cod/day in 2022. This as the cod population is under pressure because of commercial overfishing, especially in the Kattegat, Østersø and Baltic Sea. Only 10 year ago it was not unusual to catch 10-15 cod/day.

The Øresund record for cod is 31,50 kilo by Ulf Stahre, Sweden. This catch was in start of the eighties. We have to see if catch & release of cod is approved for 2022. We will update you before the championship; luckily many other specise can be caught. Many of you might remember the scorecard from 2013; the same will be used this time - your neighbour marks your scorecard, one clip per fish, and when this is done, you release the fish and you can start fishing again.

Danish Federation of Sea Anglers (Dansk Havfisker Forbund) are looking forward to see you in the competition in August 2022 and wish you an pleasant stay in Elsinore/Helsingør. See you on the water and tight lines. One behalf of Danish Federation of Sea Anglers.

Finn Larsen Chairman DHF

“A bad of fishing is better than a good day working.”

Helsingør / Elsinore and Copenhagen information

Helsingør can be reached directly by train from Kastrup, the airport of Copenhagen. There are ferries to/from Helsingborg in Sweden and motorways all the way down to the Danish borders with Germany. Even though Denmark is under Schengen, please bring your passport. At this moment there are no Covid 19/Corona-restrictions.

What to do in Helsingør apart from fishing ? During the last years the harbour area has been renewed and in the old docks a shipping museum was built. Also a food-market is located in this area.

To complete the picture of a society that is open-minded, you now can find a ”silver male” sitting at the harbour, putting the little mermaid in Copenhagen in perspective.

Of course the castle of Kronborg is at the waterfront of the city and there are many pubs and restaurants in Elsinore, there is even a spa at the headquarter hotel. At the moment the Swedish Krone is weak, so shopping in Sweden could be an option also.

Copenhagen is about 50 km away, easy to reach by train or car. Copenhagen is one of the most popular cities to visit in (Northern-)Europe, there are numerous attractions like one of the oldest adventure parks in the world; Tivoli - with 30 restaurants, rollercoasters and other entertainment.

Welcome to Helsingør/Elsinore and Danmark.

More information about Helsingør/Elsinore and Copenhagen can be found at (copy paste in your browser)ør

Hotels, R&B, summerhouses, you can easy find via or or the tourist office.

Fishing information

Marienlyst Strandhotel

The European Boat Championship is a 4 days competition, all days counting, based on catch & release. All fish, independent of their size, count - except weevers. Fish are registered by the angler at your side, by pinching a hole in your scorecard. The scorecards are the same as used during European Boat 2013.

The boats will be divided in 2 sides, starboard and port side, and each side count as 1 entity and have its daily winner. There will be around 12 anglers/boatside. All anglers will receive a score with respect to the boat-side winner, based on a score of 100 % for the winner.

The European Boat Champion will be the one with the highest amount of boatpoints after 4 days, so the maximum score is 400. Anglers tied on the same amount of fishing points, will be ranked by respectively : Fishing points – Number of fish - Number of species.

The scorecard consists of 16 categories. The maximum amount of clips (punched holes) is 10 per category. The procedure is that you catch a fish, you show it to your neighbour angler, he/she clips a hole in the scorecard for the respective fish and after you returned the fish, you can start fishing again.

Cod*, flounder and plaice have 2 categories, based on their size, measuring equipment is available on the boat to determine the size and has to be verified by the angler or fishing captain clipping the hole.

If there are questions, there is a non-fishing captain present on all boats, who finally decides. Any form of cheating or deceive will mean disqualitfication from that days fishing. After the fishing the scorecards are gathered and we recommend that you make a picture of your scorecard. Please remember that you get 30 points extra for your first caught fish per category ! *Cod-situation will be updated before the competition.

There is the possibility to register teams of 2 and teams of 4. In the teams of 4 maximum 2 anglers from one national team can participate, but a team of e.g. 4 anglers consisting of 2 anglers from England A and 2 members from England B is OK. Entry fee per competition is 10 Euro/75 DKK/angler.

The Headquarter for this event is Marienlyst Strandhotel, Ndr. Strandvej 2 in Helsingør; There will be a bus from Marienlyst Strandhotel leaving the hotel at 07.25 and 07.55 to Helsingør harbour all fishing days.

Testfishing : Spar Shipping at tel. 0045 26184759 – . Spar Shipping will sail during the testdays, like the fishing will be during the competition.

You can also find an overview of available boats at Tackleshops :

On the boats it is possible to buy pirks and basic tackle set-ups.

Shops in Copenhagen : Hvidovre Sport Sport Dres Jans Lystfiskershop