EC Shore 2017 Domburg

Welcome by the Chairman EFSA The Netherlands

Esteemed EFSA friends,

On behalf of , and with great pleasure, EFSA Netherlands welcomes you as participants in the 25th EFSA Shore Championship 2017 in Domburg.

We are extremely proud to organize it for the 4th time after : Texel 1996 , Domburg 2000 and Heinkenszand 2013.

The beaches of the North Sea and Westerschelde guarantee excellent fishing opportunities. Various flatfish , whiting , codling and seabass can be expected.

The organizing team : Miranda Koop and Clarinda and Frank van der Zande have once again succeeded in putting together a good competition at an affordable price. I am looking forward to meeting everybody in November in Domburg.

Wishing you all a very pleasant stay and good fishing.

Frans van Oss Chairman EFSA Netherlands

Welcome by the Organization team:

We would like to invite everybody to participate in the 25th EFSA Shore Championships.

The results of Domburg 2000 were thought to be unbeatable , with 1411 fish , totalling 339 meter caught by 85 anglers. 2013 Heinkenszand prooved us all wrong. There were 2067 fish caught by 80 anglers totalling 449 meter and 43 centimeters. It would be wonderful if you could all come and break the record once again. The top 13 anglers in 2013 all had 40+ fish. So you see, plenty of fish for everyone.

We need not tell you how wonderful our beaches are as most of you have already participated in the previous 3 championships held in The Netherlands. Headquarters will be in Hof Domburg in Domburg. Within walking distance from one of the planned venues.

We predict we’ll see alot of old friends and make alot of new friends We predict we’ll have a great championship and great fun What we cannot predict is the weather. Come prepared for everything from sunshine to storm. A wise man once commented after his 3rd Shore championship here : Chicago is known as the windy city and in the future i’ll think of The Netherlands as the windy country!

Tight lines until we meet up again in November 2017.

Miranda Koop Clarinda van der Zande Frank van der Zande


EFSA European Shore Fishing Championship 2017 Domburg Zeeland The Netherlands AGENDA:

Monday 27th of November 2017 Arrival of all anglers

Tuesday 28th of November 2017 Opening in uniform 20:00 Registration and drawing of the zones

Wednesday 29th of November 2017 10:45 Distribution of bait and departure to the venue 12:45 Draw of the peg numbers 13:45 until 18:45 1st match

Thursday 30th of November 11:30 Distribution of bait and departure to the venue 13:30 Draw of the peg numbers 14:30 until 19:30 2nd match

Friday 1st of December 12:30 Distribution of the bait and departure to the venue 14:30 Draw of the peg numbers 15:30 until 20:30

3rd match Saturday 2nd of December 19:30 Prize giving Gala Dinner Presents in uniform

Sunday and Monday departure of all participants

Bait distribution and departure times might vary due to proximity of venues

Prizes and awards


International Team

Life Member




2 – 3 and 4 man team blind draw

Longest fish


Everybody competes automatically in the blind draws and longest fish

The first three individuals will of course be rewarded with the Championship Shore Pins as European Shore Champions 2017