EC Boat 2017, Maloy Noorwegen

Welcome to Maloy !

Måløy Havfiskefestival (Måløy Deep Sea Fishing Festival) and Nordfjord Havfiskeklubb (Nordfjord Deep Sea Fishing Club) welcome you all to the upcoming events in 2017.

One of the unique things about the festival in Måløy is the collaboration between the two organizations. One handling the festival with cultural activities related to food, history and fisheries – the other handling competitions and the sports related activities. This way we combine the best of both organizations and can present a festival for everyone.

Five years has passed since we first were able to welcome people to our annual festival. Every year we have grown and added more competitions and activities. In 2016 we were finally able to cook fresh seafood in our “Fisherman`s Shack” every day. In addition to serving seafood, we actually delivered close to 200 free seafood meals to children. These meals are one of many things we offer children, everything free of charge, thanks to local businesses that contribute to our festival every year.

We are sure that presenting our sport to both children, companies and amateurs is an important way of recruiting new people to the sport. This is why we arrange a wide range of competitions. both the business competition and the tourist competition, which is open for everyone.

These competitions are separate from the EFSA boat competition, and use another set of boats and a starting time a bit later in the day. In the harbour we have a fishing competition for children from the docks. We also focus to make the weigh queue, a public friendly event, so participants, audience and media can get a feel on the results from the different boats. Our trophy fish stand in the middle of the towns square, where the 3 biggest fish that day are displayed, is a popular photo spot. If people don’t come out to sea with us, we`ll try to bring the sea to them, the best we can.

With the EFSA Boat Competition 2017 coming up we plan to present our best and most comprehensive program yet. We promise both competitors and other guests a week to remember. If the festival and sea is not enough, we urge you to take some time to enjoy our beautiful nature. We will present the full program at our webpage as it comes together. Hope to see you all in 2017!

Sunniva Oldeide Børre Taklo Måløy Havfiskfestival Nordfjord Havfiskeklubb


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