Verslag EC Shore 2017 door Miranda Koop

Monday November 27th  most of the anglers arrived at Hof van Domburg to a chalet with a complimentary box of groceries and made beds  to make the first day easy.

Tuesday the 28th it was the official opening of the 25th Shore Championship. This is the 4th time The Netherlands has hosted it. After the opening we went strait on the drawing of the zones. The 75 anglers could enjoy Dutch fried snacks and 2 free drinks each.


Frank van der Zande used the beamer to show the flags and each team could have their photo taken in front of their flag. Rules were explained and anglers got the opportunity to ask questions afterwards.

Zoutelande was the first venue on Wednesday. Frank Koop set out the pegs while bait and peg draw took place at the car park at Hof Domburg. Harsh winds and rain were predicted. This way we could make it a bit easier for the anglers. Some newcomers hadn’t fished this type of weather before.  


Hengelsport Zuiderduin and Andre Barendse were up every morning very early to get our bait ready. 100 lug worm – 5 black lug – 100 gr ragworm  - 100 gr muddies and 500 gr razorshells. 78 packets of each. 

We started off with very sunny weather. During the match wind picked up followed by showers. But that didn’t influence the neck to neck race going on in every zone. Biggest problem was keeping the score card dry. Some people just didn’t seem to care how the card was handed in while others handed in a pristine clean card with 20 fish noted.                                   

Arjan Rijnberg Ned B. won A zone and the day with 76 fish a total length of 18m 97 cm. Haydn Cole  Wales A had 5 fish less for the 2nd place , followed by Andreas Burkhardt Ger. B with 70 fish. Zone A proved to be the best zone as 15 anglers caught 708 fish in 5 hours.

Björn Hansen Ger.B ended with 9 fish more than Kenneth Forsyth Ire A and Maurits Keur  Ned.A. 63 fish good for 15.35m During the dropping of the tide more and more fish were landed in B zone. Many lost snoods and traces but the amount of fish caught made up for the loss.

C zone was the lesser zone. Never the less Paull Curtice from Eng. A still needed 60 fish 14.84m to stay ahead of Volker Claus Ger.B  with 53 fish 13.04m. Warren Doyle came in 3rd with 54 fish. Despite having a fish more he had 25 cm less.                                       

Local angler Peter Mesie smashed D zone with 67 fish 16.36m. Runner-up newcomer for Ger.B was Michael Schramm was thrilled with his 53 fish 12.96m . He kept Mike Flynn Wales A  in 3rd place with 45 fish 11.21m


Italian Gianmaria Ranieri gathered 56 fish accumulating 13.78m. Remi Lindhout Ned. B second 54 fish and Stuart Jones Eng. A with an impressive 52 fish in 3rd place. First timer Sean Murray Ire.A  caught a 38cm whiting which some perceived to be a Pollak. Sean fished a 4th place with 50 fish in E zone.

It took us the best part of the night to enter all the fish into the new programme. 2817 pieces to be exact. A wonderful and surprising result. The weather was also one of the reasons why it took so long to get everything entered. Some cards were not very legible. Others did not have the signatures required. It was said time and time again and still we got cards without angler or steward signatures. One score card was returned to us as a puzzle and re-written onto a new card. Unfortunately during the re-write we’d found some measurements had been changed. As organisation we decided that all 10 anglers ,  who had score cards lacking signatures and those that were not legible ,  would be punished with a 50% deduction off their end score for that day. Also the same nationalities who had signed eachothers cards.

The amount of fish caught was so good we decided to fish Zoutelande again on Thursday. The weather forecast predicted more wind and rain. To avoid getting more cards like on Wednesday the decision was made to put all fish into a bin liner / garbage bag supplied by us together with a cable tier . The match would be from 14:30 to 18:30. 1 hour shorter to give us time to measure all fish on the beach after the match. We explained it to everybody the next morning at a captains meeting. The Ned.B team and Welsh had kindly offered to let us use there Beachbuddies to do the measuring. The Maltees had had their fair share of the cold and the second match did not make it any easier. There was rain , hail , sleet and wind but that didn’t change the fact that once again a massive amount of fish got caught.


The winner of zone A was Haydn Cole with 56 fish Jan van Pieterson from the dutch B team was nipping at his heels with 55 fish and in 3rd place was Michael Schramm from Ger.B with 51 fish.


 Antonio Addotta proudly shows his 35 cm flounder 


Once again Arjan Rijnberg won his zone and the day position with 63 fish exactly 15 meters. Björn Hansen 2nd Gem.B 53 fish 13.46m and 3rd place went to Maurits Keur 45 fish 10.88m. Whiting and dabs were the predominant types caught.

C zone, won by Remi Lindhout ,was slightly better than the day before, with 63 fish 15.64m  Gianmaria Raneiri 2nd with “just”50 fish and 3rd place was for Henri Jungers from Belgium. His bag held  44 fish to be measured.

Paull Curtice could add a second zone win to his list in zone D , 45 fish with Shay O’Neill shortly behind him with 44 fish. Andreas Burkhart 3rd  with 40 fish.

E zone saw 2 Italians fishing neck to neck until the last cast. Olivier Flocke beat Ignazio Laconte with just 21 cms . 3rd place went to Peter Mesie 39 fish 9.87m

Once again it was nightwork due to the huge amount of fish that had been caught. Local anglers had picked up the news of the good catches and we knew that Zoutelande would be difficult to peg the next day. We chose to fish Domburg. This is the type of venue we wanted to avoid seeing it is a long distance  venue. Only the casting cannons could catch fish here. As organisation we preferred that all anglers caught instead of 20. By 2:40 am we put the news up on our facebook page. 7 hours later we got a message from our bait supplier. A 13 meter spermwhale had beached itself right at the beginning of where zone A was going to start. 




Quick change of plans seeing there were so many people coming to look. The police closed down the area which ment we could not get to the carparks. Frank van der Zande started ringing around to locals to gather some advice for a new venue. Within and hour an new venue was decided and Frank Koop was on his way to check it out. Afteral we only had 3 hours left before the 3rd and last match was planned to start. We had to inform the anglers, get bait handed out , explain once again that the neighbour is the steward who had to sign the score cards and explain where the new venue is. 

Seeing there was just the one carpark and a long walk we had agreed that we would start once everybody was complete. All anglers were at their pegs on time so the match started at 15:30. We could also fish the full 5 hours again due to a favourable weather forecast                        

Oost Kapelle can be very patchy because of the sandbanks. This also means it can get dangerous once the tide cames back in because of the water coming back up behind you. Clarinda in E zone had all anglers squeeze in a bit. That way the last 3 pegs could get onto the bank and have a fair match. From the first cast, fish were coming in left right and centre. 38 flounder , 43 cod , 35 seabass. Just before dusk set it we had our first shower. It was hard work for most anglers who had to move their gear constantly with the down going tide. In the dark the uneven ground proved hard to walk.

Ranking after 2 days : Arjan Rijnberg 30 – Paull Curtice 30 - Haydn Cole 29 – Remi Lindhout 29 -  Björn Burhardt 29 – Gianmaria Reneiri 29 points. It’s anyones game!

Andreas Burkhardt was lord and master in A zone with 46 fish 11.72 m. Nicola Savio came in second with 17 fish just 4.16 m. 3rd place was for Maurits Keur 18 fish 4.07m

B zone – game set and match for Arjan Rijnberg. His 3rd zone win and 3rd overall day win with 56 fish 14.47m. Björn Hansen had 57 fish , slightly smaller 14.20m Angelo Rubino came in 3rd with 36 fish. 

Michael Schramm had his 1st zone win with 56 fish 13.61m. Peter Mesie 2nd with 43 fish 10.93. Gianmaria Ranieri 3rd with 42 fish 10.55m.

Zone D saw Haydn Cole achieve a second win 41 fish 10.25m. Runnerup was Olivier Folcke 9.62m 3rd place went to Hans-Jürgen Gläser 37 fish 9.02m

During the last part of the match Frank Koop stayed in E zone which was the most dangerous at that time. Water was coming in fast and it was touch and go for a while. Clarinda started off with a 10 fish catch-up behind Antonio Addotta because of all the safety issues in E zone which needed to be addressed. By 20:30 when the last cast was retrieved it was 32 Antonio Addotta and 31 Clarinda van der Zande. 3rd place was for Volker Claus with 30 fish.

Needless to say a lot of counting was done on the way back to the car park. Some end results were very close and an addition mistake could have been made.

End result : Gold Arjan Rijnberg 45 points 58.19 m Silver Haydn Cole 44 points 50.70

Bronze Björn Hansen 43 points 51.66m


GOLD : Germany B Volker Claus -Hans-Jürgen Gläser – Anderas Burkhardt – Michael Schramm – Björn Hansen . 165 points 182.15 meters 

 Silver : Philip Franke – Arjan Rijnberg – Remi Lindhout – Eddy op den Brouw – Jan van Pieterson. 148 points 156.78m

 Bronze : Francesco Intini – Angelo Rubino – Arthuro Montagnese – Nicola Savio – Antonio Addotta. 130 points 128.41 m



Gold Linda van de Velde – Silver Clarinda van der Zande – Bronze Ines Birnstiel

Junior GOLD Amber van der Zande 11 years old. She fished all 3 matches next to Linda van de Velde. Baited all her own hooks – measured fished – hauled her own fishing gear up and down the venues – cast in and retrieved her own lines and never complained once. She is our ACE for the future. Watch the fishing results and you will see her name pop up time and time again. 

EFSA the Netherlands has donated a shield for the EUROPEAN SHORE CHAMPION in honour of the 25th EFSA Shore. The winner can take it home and show his achievement for a year. He/She is expected to bring it to the next Championship and present it to the new Shore Champion

If you get onto Facebook you can see all results and photo’s on our page EFSA Shore 2017 the Netherlands

All fish were daily taken to bird sanctuary De Mikke in Middelburg by Frank Koop. Nothing went to waste.  

Until next year in Italy  

Miranda Koop