EC Species 2021

EC Species 2021 Olafsvik, Iceland

Programme and Timetable of Events:

EFSA Species Championship 2021 will be held from Thursday 20th May to Saturday 22nd May from Olafsvik, West-Iceland fishing for big Cod and Coalfish. The venue will be fished to the EFSA rules.

Thursday 20 May: Registration 20:00 Registration at Klif, Olafsvik.

Friday 21 May: Cod and Coalfish 06:30 Assemble at Pier Olafsvik. 07:00 Boats depart for fishing grounds. 08:00 Lines down. 14:00 Lines up. 16:00 All boats must be in harbour. 19:00 Days results displayed.

Saturday 22 May: Cod and Coalfish 06:30 – 16:00 Same as Friday. 19:00 Days results displayed. 20:00 Presentation of awards. 21:00 Gala Dinner at Röst, Hellisandur.

Entry fee ISK 45.000. Bait included. Registration before 28th February 2021. Registration into 2 man and 4man Teams free of charge. Price for Gala Dinner not decided.

Point system: Cod and Coalfish 35-55 cm. 1 points, Cod and Coalfish 56-75 cm. 4 points, Cod and Coalfish 76-100 cm. 15 points, Cod and Coalfish 101 cm or longer 50 points.

All other fish 0 point. Unlimited fishing.

The times and programme are subject to alteration at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.


Issued on 5 th July 2020

Newsletter no 1 issued 14 July 2020

The European Species Championship 2021 will be held from Olafsvik, West-Iceland from 20th May to 22nd May. EFSA Iceland will not issue a brochure for the Championship but instead issue a regular Newsletter that will be sent out to all the Sections and published on EFSA Iceland and EFSA HQ websites,, and on Facebook.

Information Entry fee and closing date of entry: Entry fee is ISK 45.000. Bait included. Registration before 28th February 2021. Price for Gala Dinner not decided. If you want to have the entry form on Word form please contact Thorir Sveinsson and he will sent it to you by e-mail. The rate of exchange. On 10th of July the rate of exchange for the Icelandic krona was approx. 1 € = 160 ISK krona and 1 £ Sterling = 180 ISK krona.

The Organizing Committee and e-mails: Helgi Bergsson Chairman,, Thorir Sveinsson Secretary,, Sigurjon H Hjelm,, Gunnar Jónsson,, Hersir Gíslason,, Kristbjörn Rafnsson,

The fishing spots: We will be fishing from the fishing banks near Olafsvik and the Snæfellsness peninsula.

Fishing rules: See below.

Fish to catch: Cod and Coalfish. Other fish do not count for points.

The fishing: All the good size fish must be killed by bleeding. You will be provided with a bucket for your fish. The skipper will bleed the fish, the Crew measure and the Fish captain writes down on the Scorecard. After that put the fish into the common box. If you got a record fish or if it is your personal record you can tag it and bring it in for measuring.

Bait: We will use Blue eye and/or Mackerel.

Teams: It is free of charge to register into teams. Your Secretary will register your Section’s teams in due course.

Tackle shop: There is no tackle shop in Olafsvik. Clothing: It can be cold and windy in May in Iceland. Bring with you your warm cloths and boots.

Travel information to Olafsvik: See below.

Spouse tour: There will be no spouse tour organized by the Organizing Committee. But there are many places near Olafsvik worth visiting.

EFSA uniform: You must wear EFSA uniform at the Prize giving Ceremony and at the Gala dinner.

Helgi Bergsson, Chairman EFSA Iceland

Dear fellow anglers and friends. For the third time EFSA Iceland welcome you to Iceland for the European Species Championship in May 2021 in Olafsvik, West-Iceland.

Our first was the European Species Championship 2007 in the Westman Islands where we fished for four species, Ling, Catfish, Tusk and Haddock. Our second was in 2014 in Olafsvik where we targeted big Cod on 15 boats with 81 anglers from 12 Sections. The total number of Cods accounted for was 3.516.

In this European Species Championship, we will be targeting big Cod and Coalfish. We will fish from the same fishing banks as in 2014 and the fishing is unlimited. The point system is divided into four length categories: 35 cm to 55 cm, 56 cm to 75 cm, 76 cm to 100 cm and over 101 cm.

The weather in Iceland in May can be windy and cold so remember to bring with you some warm cloths and boots. I am sure that you will enjoy your stay in Iceland and in Olafsvik and I and all our members look very much forward to see you.

Helgi Bergsson

Chairman EFSA Iceland