EC Species Langeland, Denmark 2019

Welcome to Langeland!

It is now the fourth time Langeland has been selected by EFSA for hosting a European Championship. Whilst the Langeland Belt and beaches on the East side of the island have regular visitors from Germany and Denmark, it is always an extraordinary privilege to host an event of such international class.

Langeland is one of the Islands of the Fyn region in Denmark. Being surrounded by the calmer climate of the Baltic Sea tourism plays a huge role. Apart from fishing there are plenty of opportunities to go sailing, hiking and bicycling. Ferries connect the Fyn islands with the rest of Denmark but also Germany and Sweden.

Sight seeing is concentrated on the island around Bagenkop in the South. Humble with the ancient grave of King Humble, Rudkøbing and Spodsbjerg in the middle up to Lohals in the North.

The unusual lengthy shape gave the island its name (Langeland meaning the ‘long land’). Flatfish will be the target for this competition. In the waters around Langeland late autumn is the most prolific time of the year for this kind of fishing.

The main two species of flatfish caught will be flounder and dab. However, plaice and turbot might make an appearance too.

We are very proud for EFSA Germany for being selected as the hosts for this year’s species championship and wish all competitors a successful and enjoyable time!


On behalf of EFSA Germany

Thomas Reinhardt     Marcus Wuest



Date : 28.10.2019 to 31.10.2019

Location : Denmark / Langeland / Spodsbjerg

Headquarter will be Skudehavn, Rudkøbing

Organiser: EFSA Section Germany

Entry fee: EUR 300,-


Fishing Rules:

• Only flatfish score. 1 (one) point per flatfish caught unless length 40cm or above. Flatfish         over 40cm or above score 10 points.

• We will be drifting, or the boat will be held in the current so it moves slower than the current, and thus giving the optimal drift for catching fish. We will fish from fishing boats with around 12 anglers/boat.

• Ragworm as bait will be supplied by the organizers, no other bait allowed other than artificial ones as per EFSA rules.

• Fishing license is obligatory and can be obtained from Angelcentrum Langeland.

• Max. 2 single hooks

• Underhand casting allowed with weights, bait and hooks outside the boat at all times.

• Fishing is catch- and release, scorecards will be given to all participants. Fishing cap tains on every boat to check bigger fish. If you want to keep the fish, you have to cut off the tail immediately (have to be above the legal minimum sizes for Denmark at the time).

• The angler with the most points over the 2 days wins (no % score). If anglers are equal on points the angler with the largest fish wins. If there is a draw still the higher number of fish will be taken into account.

• Undersized and protected fish need to be immediately and carefully released (see table at the end of the brochure)

• Only provided baits must be used.

• Open Pairs - EUR 10 per pair to be paid at registration Executive teams of 3 blind draw.

• Headquarter will be Skudehavn, Rudkøbing

• EFSA Uniform must be worn at Registration, Prize Giving

• Otherwise EFSA boat fishing rules apply

• Anglers above the age of 18 and below 65 require a fishing licence to fish in Danish waters. The costs are DKR 185 for a year or DKR 130 for a week. Anglers can obtain this from Angelcentrum Langeland. This is not covered by the entry fee.


Entry fee includes:

- Opening ceremony

- Gala Dinner

- Trophies / Prizes - Bait

- Two fishing trips on boats


Recommended fishing tackle:

- Rods of ca 3m in length

- Lead weights of ca. 50 – 150gr

- Hook size 2 to 1/0

- Small beads on the hook length

- Fixed spool or multiplier reel with 0.28mm to 0.35mm line

- Paternoster or running trace


Program and Information


Monday October 28th

08.30             Optional training day (to be arranged separately) We meet at 8.00 at                                       Angelcentrum Langeland to get the bait.

18.30 - 19.30  Registration at Hotel Skudehavn, Skudehavnen 21, 5900 Rudkøbing,                                19.30 Official Opening Hotel Skudehavn, Rudkøbing

Tuesday October 29st

08.00             Draw of fishing position on the boat and bait supply

08.30             Boats leave the harbor in Spodsbjerg

15.30             Boats are in latest at 15.45 20.00 Results of the day available at HQ Wednesday


October 30st

08.00             Same program and times as Tuesday


October 31st 

                    Reserve day in case of bad weather.


19.30 Gala Dinner and Prize Giving


Questions & Additional Information available Thomas Reinhardt ANGELCENTRUM LANGELAND SPODSBJERG TELEFON: (0045) 62 50 14 13 SPODSBJERGVEJ 301 DK - 5900 RUDKØBING E-Mail:


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